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About AFSCME Home Care CDAC Local 1100

AFSCME has made gains for CDAC providers in Iowa. Below you can see the difference, and what AFSCME has done for home care workers.

Before the Union:
- Up to 30-days to process claims
- IME paid monthly claims only twice a month
- IME makes mistake, provider must resubmit
- Providers had no real due process
Action prior to investigation
Appeal process with no support
No grievance process
- Weak individual voice at state and federal government
- Providers would not receive a raise for years
- Providers not able to meet with Iowa Dept. of Human Services
- No Advantage package
- No communication between providers

After the Union:
- Members bargained a shorter processing time
- Quicker Claim Processing
- 3 to 5 day adjudication process
- Weekly Claim Payment cycle
- If a clean claim is adjudicated by Friday, it will pay the first Thursday following
- If a clean claim is adjudicated after Friday, it will pay the second Thursday following
- Members bargained for IME to pay monthly claims on a weekly cycle
- IME will fix mistakes over the phone
- Due process for providers
Full investigation prior to action
Appeal process with support
Grievance process
- Strong collective voice at state and federal levels
- Member bargained a raise in the first MOU agreement
- Members bargained meeting with Iowa DHS
Voice in document changes
Voice in available trainings
- Members Only AFSCME Advantage Package
- Communication and solidarity between providers

Having Trouble Getting Paid? Recently a Local 1100 member asked her Union Representative for help correcting an error by IME. The union was able to resolve the issue and get IME to send a handwritten check for $1000 to the member.

If you are having problems, contact your union representative. 1-800-372-6054 or 515-246-1517, Andrew WIlliams, ext. 625

How Much We All Accomplish Depends on Your Support!

The most basic way to show your support is to sign a membership card for Local 1100. A large number of members is essential to winning improvements – it shows the state that we are serious about continuing to make progress for Iowa home care providers.

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