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Legislative Update: March 27, 2015

Mental Health Institutes Bill Needs Your Help!
Senate File 402 is legislation that would require Clarinda and Mt. Pleasant Mental Health Institutes be kept open through the rest of the fiscal year and would require legislative approval of any closure after the end of the fiscal year.

This legislation has passed the Iowa Senate and needs action in the Iowa House. We need members, their family, and their friends to contact Iowa House Majority Leader Linda Upmeyer and ask her to bring Senate File 402 to the floor before April 6th:

Phone: (641) 357-8807
Capitol Phone: (515) 281-3221 (House Switchboard while House is in session. Ask for Representative Upmeyer.)

Please make sure to use personal phones/computers/e-mail accounts and to contact Representative Upmeyer from non-work locations during non-work hours.

Contact Iowa House Judiciary Chair about Community Based Corrections Boards Bill
Senate File 299 recently passed the Iowa Senate and is currently in the Iowa House. This bill would put a non-voting AFSCME representative on the Judicial District Department of Correctional Services Boards. This will give employees a stronger ability to communicate with their board members.

In order for the bill to remain alive for this session, it must pass the Iowa House Judiciary Committee by April 1, 2015.

We need members to contact Representative Chip Baltimore, Chair of the House Judiciary Committee, and ask him to pass Senate File 299 out of committee:

Representative Chip Baltimore:
Phone: (515) 432.2732
House Switchboard: (515) 281-3221 (ask for Representative Baltimore while House is in session.)

Please make sure to use personal phones/computers/e-mail accounts and to contact Representative Baltimore from non-work locations during non-work hours.

House File 604 Tax Legislation
House File 604 would give Iowans the opportunity to use a so-called “flat tax” option. Iowa House Republicans could bring this bill to the floor of the House next week. Peter Fisher of the Iowa Fiscal Partnership described this legislation as “more millions for millionaires.” This bill will hurt funding for services that Iowans rely on. AFSCME Iowa Council 61 opposes this legislation. Please contact your legislators (look up here) and tell them you oppose House File 604. Please make sure to use a personal phones/computers/e-mail accounts from a non-work location during non-work hours.

Legislative Forums
We strongly urge members to attend their legislators’ forums. We post links to legislative forum calendars on our website. We typically update this page on Wednesday or Thursday of each week.

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