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We Are Your Neighbors: Kathy Jared, Milan, IL

My husband Tim and I are members of Heritage Wesleyan church in Rock Island IL where we are involved in Motorcycle Missions. We enjoy riding motorcycles and travel with a group to Missouri to Shiloh Children’s homes where, in addition to delivering a monetary gift, we volunteer a week of our time as needed. Shiloh provides abused or unmanageable children with a stable two parent home. I also am fortunate to have two daughters who have blessed us with five grandchildren that live nearby and keep us busy with rides to school, traveling hockey games, softball and train festivals.

I am a Word Processor for the Department of Human Services. Recently The State of Iowa began electronic case filing and I was fortunate enough to be involved in the Scott County rollout, primarily as an indexer. Electronic filing allows Income Maintenance Workers and Supervisors to easily access customer files from any computer which benefits our customers because they are not limited to the availability of one certain caseworker. In addition, as soon as they are received, documents are scanned into the Electronic System, assigned to a county, and reviewed by a team of Income Maintenance Workers, resulting in customers being served in a very timely manner.

My job provides me with income to support organizations which in turn give back to the community. I believe that now more than ever church’s and organizations are a huge benefit to citizens because they fill the gaps of government services lost due to state budget cutbacks and because I am able, it is my responsibility to support them.

My income is also used to save for the later part of my life. Because I spent most of my younger years working part time jobs so I could be the primary caregiver of our children, I entered the workforce at a later age so have a limited amount of time to save for my post retirement years. Lastly, my office provides the means for food, cash assistance, and medical services to people in need. These means are basic for survival and often the need is immediate. It is the duty of me and my co-workers to assure that members of society in need receive these basic services quickly and efficiently.

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