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Why I am an AFSCME Next Waver

Pat McCauley (Local 183) and Becki Raffay (Local 2051) at the Next Wave Kickoff Social.

By Pat McCauley, Member of AFSCME Local 183

As more and more public employees reach retirement age, it is important to develop the next generation of leadership for our Union. That’s why I was so excited to hear about the AFSCME Iowa Next Wave Kickoff Social, which I attended in October at Prairie Meadows.

I have been a bus driver at Coralville Transit for five years. Coming from a union family, I sought out our steward when I was first hired and quickly became an AFSCME member. However, I wasn’t very involved in the Union at first.

Due to folks moving on, we were eventually left with no stewards at my worksite. After thinking about all of the important work the Union does, I realized that it was time for me to step up to the plate. I began the process of becoming a steward and vowed to get more involved in the Union.

At the Next Wave Kickoff Social at Prairie Meadows, I met other union members who are part of the next generation of leaders. We heard about how the Union is only as strong as its members – our strength comes from many members working together.

I’m excited about the future of AFSCME Iowa Council 61. If you are an AFSCME member 39 years old or younger and would like to join me in getting involved in Next Wave, contact Morgan Miller at 515-707-3025 or

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