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Greetings Fellow Child Care Providers!

Whether you are just beginning your career as a registered Child Development Home provider or you are renewing your registration as an experienced veteran, your decision to be a part of the early care and education community is exciting and important!

Studies show that 90% of human brain growth takes place during the first three years, making the early childhood profession a key element in the successful future of today’s young people.

AFSCME Child Care Providers Together (CCPT) Local 1212 was organized to represent Iowa’s thousands of registered Child Development Home providers. We are committed to pursuing quality child care by creating opportunities, providing resources and offering guidance in all aspects of early childhood and the business of registered Child Development Homes. By working together, we can provide support, advocate for better policies, pass laws and create a strong network of providers across the State of Iowa.

Local 1212 was created using the "Organizing Model" approach in which member involvement is sought and encouraged. Local 1212 functions under an Executive Board which consists of 14 providers serving as elected officers. Those officers hold quarterly meetings and operate according to the Local 1212 Constitution.

Some of the current issues our committees are working on are:

  • Offering Provider Training and Education
  • Exploring Health Insurance options
  • Improving Child Care Assistance/Kindertrack

How Much We Accomplish Depends on Your Support! The most effective way to show your support is to join our organization. Your voice is essential to winning improvements – it shows the state that Local 1212 is seriously committed to achieving advancement for Iowa’s Child Development Home providers. Perhaps you could join our leadership team or serve on a workgroup or committee?

We hope you will join us in the quest for quality!

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