October Recertification Elections

**2017 Recertification Elections only apply to bargaining units with contracts expiring June 30, 2018. State employees do not vote until 2018. 

Starting on October 10, 2017 at 8:00 AM and continuing through October 24, 2017 at 1:00 PM, AFSCME will have 42 of our City, County and School Bargaining Units holding a recertification election. We will be working with each of these Bargaining Units in an effort to win each and every one of those elections. For a bit of perspective, the Iowa State Education Association will have over 200 recertification elections. Where we can, our Unions will be working together on these Elections; we are in this fight together!

Recertification Elections were designed for workers to lose their contracts and for unions to suffer financially. If a vote fails (fewer than 50% +1 YES votes from ALL contract-covered employees), contracts will be immediately terminated by PERB and employees will not be eligible for union representation for at least two years. This means that both members and non-members need to vote YES for AFSCME representation in order to keep their contract - including pay, health insurance, and all other negotiated benefits. Voting YES has nothing to do with becoming a dues-paying member; it just means you want to keep your contract.


Q: Do all state employees recertify at this time or only city, county, and schools?

A: Good question! While every bargaining unit in Iowa will have to recertify one year prior to the expiration of their contract, this year, there are 42 AFSCME bargaining units (listed below) who will participate in recertification elections.

Employees within these 42 units are able to vote from Tuesday, October 10, 2017 at 8:00 AM until Tuesday, October 24, 2017 at 1:00 PM . Both union members and non-members within the bargaining unit will be eligible to vote, and 50% +1 of the bargaining unit must vote YES to recertify in order to keep their contract. Here's an example: the City of XYZ has 100 bargaining unit members and 50 of them vote YES, 5 of them vote no, and 45 don't vote at all. Any reasonable person would see a vote of 50-5 and call the unit recertified, but not the Republicans who stole your rights and devised this undemocratic process. By their rules, this vote failed because those who didn't vote count as NO votes and the YES votes didn't reach 50% +1. 

Q: What happens if we don't get enough YES votes in our recertification election?

A: Ten days following the October 24th close of voting, PERB will terminate the current contract. This means your contract, even though it has an expiration date of June 30, 2018, will be null and void. Your employer will then be able to change pay rates, health insurance, vacation, and sick leave as soon as they want. Every protection in the current contract will no longer exist. You will not be eligible to reorganize and bargain a new contract for at least two years. We believe this action by the PERB Board violates the law, but we will have to go to court and attempt to overturn the action. We've already seen how slow the court process can be, so our concern is how much damage can be done before we can get a court decision.


AFSCME Bargaining Units with October 2017 Recertification Elections

City of Algona Police (and LEC)
City of Algona Public Works
City of Ankeny
City of Cresco
City of Forest City
City of Forest City Police
City of Orange City
City of Perry Library Board
City of Perry Water Utility Board/City of Perry
Clinton City/Parks
Harlan Municipal Utilities
Harlan Police/Water
Webster City Police

Carroll County Conservation
Crawford County - Non Pro
Crawford County RNs
Dallas County Attorneys
Delaware County Secondary Roads
Delaware County Sheriffs
Fayette County Roads
Great River Regional Waste Authority
Harrison County Secondary Roads
Harrison County Sheriffs
Louisa County Secondary Roads
Louisa County Sheriffs
Muscatine County
Osceola County (Sheriff)

Burlington Food Service
Burlington School Custodians
Burlington School Support
Chariton School District
Colfax-Mingo Schools
Ft. Madison CSD Support
Keokuk Schools
Louisa-Muscatine Schools
Mt. Pleasant CSD Support
Muscatine CSD Bus Drivers
Muscatine CSD Food Service
Muscatine CSD Maint/Custodians
Muscatine CSD Sec and Associates
Sioux City CS Bus Drivers
Waterloo Schools

If you know someone who works in any of these bargaining units, please reach out at encourage them to VOTE YES!


1. CALL 1-855-976-9349 toll-free OR go to www.iowaperb.everyonecounts.com
2. Provide your date of birth and the last four digits of your Social Security Number.
3. Follow the instructions provided to you and please vote YES.
4. Confirm your choice at the prompt. You MUST CONFIRM your choice for your vote to count!
5. Call 515-246-2647 to say you voted.