Profile: Brenda Davidson, Susan Rowe, Cindy Haas, Liz Kusler, and Christie Dennis-Sherrard (AFSCME Local 2990)

Pictured Left to Right: Brenda Davidson, Susan Rowe, Cindy Haas, and Liz Kusler. Christie Dennis-Sherrard not pictured.


These five AFSCME members work as nurses at the Woodward Resource Center, where they care for some of the most vulnerable Iowans.


These AFSCME members have partnered with Hope Ministries/Bethel Mission to provide a meal to the homeless four times a year. They have already held their first meal in early 2014 and held more afterwards. Preparing these meals requires much more work than just showing up on the day of the meal. They meet to plan out the meals and divide up responsibilities in the weeks leading up to the meals. Their first meal in January 2014 was a big success. These five volunteers have inspired their coworkers and others joined in helping them with future meals.


“I have always believed that it is important to help others. By helping those in need we can help make the world a better place.” -Susan Rowe

“At work we are able to accomplish a lot as a team. We figured that if we teamed up to help our community we could make a big difference for a lot of people.”
-Christie Dennis-Sherrard

“As a society, we should be judged by how we treat all our neighbors. Volunteering helps me do my part.” -Brenda Davidson

“These meals are not just about providing food. They also show those we feed that our community cares about them.” -Cindy Haas

“The smiles of those that we help are all the reason I need to volunteer.” -Liz Kusler